Permanent makeup tattoo is not recommended for clients who have or are:
  • Anyone who is allergic to pigmentation or makeup.
  • Anyone with glaucoma and/or taking blood thinning medication. 
  • Anyone under 18 years of age.
  • Anyone with skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis on the area to be treated.
  • Anyone with active skin cancer in the tested area.
  • Anyone who has experienced post inflammatory in the treated area. 
  • Anyone with undiagnosed blisters and rashes in the treated area.
  • Anyone with Transmittable Blood Conditions for example Hepatitis B or HIV.
  • Anyone who is diabetic.
  • Anyone who has a heart condition.
  • Anyone with healing disorders.
  • Anyone taking along medications such as antasure, ro-accutaine, and steroids. 
  • Anyone under chemotherapy treatment.
  • Anyone who is epileptic who has experience seizures.
  • Anyone who is pregnant/ lactating.
Please follow for best results and  experience:
    • Do not work out the day of the procedure. 
    • Do not have tanned or sunburned face. 
    • Do not take aspirin, fish oil, vitamin E or ibroprofen 24 hours before the procedure.
    • No alcohol or caffeine 2 days before the procedure.
    • No Waxing, plucking or tinting 7 days before the procedure.
    • Please not you will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle.